Previously a run-down office space for one of our state owned partners, this project was probably one of the most challenging projects for Build up to now. The main issue, as with many of these older buildings in Shanghai, laid with the fact that the second floor of the building allocated to us was a karaoke space and we had only the 1st, 3rd and 4th floor.

The initial problems were obvious, how do you turn a derelict and run-down property, with a central tenant that would not move, into a creative office space that international customers could feel confident enough to conduct business in, and be happy to pay a premium rent. We started with creating another access point for the KTV club, and then sealing the space off from our office space. We then worked out a joint-venture process to use the landlords space and finances to convert and restore the building for a more modern and international market. Design was essential, and through hard work and much persistence, we created a successful conversion that filled up quickly after releasing it into the market.