550 Wuding Road

This building was built by the British in the 1940’s as an office building. Prior to Build acquiring the rights to the building, it had deteriorated into rundown mah-jong rooms and residences. Located at the heart of Jing’An, it is within short walking distance to popular locations such as Plaza 66 and luxury expatriated condominium complexes.

Build has renovated the old building into an office/retail complex combining historical characters with a fresh, modern design. 550 Wuding has three floors. The ground floor consist of a French bar, Bounty, and an event marketing company separated by a simple, yet eye catching entrance/reception area. Upstairs consisit of two floors of office space rented to design, architecture, marketing and advertising companies who desire memorable modern offices in a stylishly intimate environment.

The offices in this building are characterized by a large, inviting, open glass staircase leading to offices and meeting rooms done in plain translucent glass to maximize light whilst maintaining privacy. The offices have a unique degree of flexibility in size and function.