About Build

Started in 2008, Build was opened out of anticipation for saving older buildings around a neighbourhood and putting them to good use. Focusing primarily in the Jing An area of Shanghai, we currently manage over 6 assets exceeding 10,000 SQM and have another 10,000 SQM of development in preparation for first quarter 2018. Build manages, partners, leases and assist property owners and their tenants in Shanghai.

We restore buildings one at a time, find a great tenant mix and move on.

Keeping our tenants happy – No more, no less. We care about everything we do so we manage the building sites we work on the same way we would want them to be if we were tenanting them. Working with asset owners or state owned enterprises, we operate our developments in safe, straight forward and economically viable ways. We tenant them. Either our own, or others, though our marketing team at Level we help others achieve a good roll out for properties in and around Shanghai.

Good luck is the residue of design, management and execution. And we plan for this. Build considers design to be one of the most important factors to any successful property project. We also know that function also follows form, so we manage the design, spending and positioning to perform in the best opportunity for our tenant and our customer.

Come visit us, work with us, or stay with us. If your already part of the Build team of tenants, landlords or employees…Mahalo.